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Welcome to JubJubs Life :)

This is my personal website. A place to gather my thoughts, a place to keep my website skills semi-up-to-date, a place of my own.

You can find a little more info about me here (and get my Twitter, G+, and Email info).
Look through my various Second Life projects here.
Grab some advice or Free Stuff here.
And find out whats happening in JubJubs Second Life here.

I'll be building newer features in to this website as I can. First up will be an image gallery and I have a few other projects up my sleeve for now :)

Have a look around, I hope you find it of some interest,
Happy travellings in Second Life,
JubJub Forder

Latest Posts

Facebook locked me out because of my name - FIXED! Facebook locked me out because of my name - FIXED!
Facebook locked me out of my account because my name triggered some sort of fake name algorithm. I finally found a way around it... so here's how
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The Ultimate Compliment The Ultimate Compliment
As a long time creator in Second Life I get a lot of compliments on my various works. Some are in the form of private messages, many come by Marketplace reviews, however I think this is the best compliment I've ever received over the years
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JubJubs Back muhahahahaha JubJubs Back muhahahahaha
Been absent from Second Life for way too long. So I'm back with a vengeance :D
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FREE Christmas Wrap Textures @ Makersmart FREE Christmas Wrap Textures @ Makersmart
Too early for Christmas stuff? Not if you're building ! We've just added some FREE packs of Christmas Wrap Textures at Makersmart in Second Life
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Facebook deleted my account >:(  UPDATED Facebook deleted my account >:( UPDATED
Under Facebook's real name policy, they deleted my JubJub Forder account! UPDATE See link at bottom of post
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