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I haven't been napping, I been making lots of new mesh products !

I haven't been napping, I been making lots of new mesh products !

Monday, July 30, 2012

The re-branding of Garden World to Babylonia has taken a while (and is still ongoing), but that doesn't mean I've stopped creating!

There's nothing like a re-branding exercise to drive a grown person insane. Endless hours of patiently changing graphics, updating links, correcting advertising blurbs, and double checking everything to make sure the long hours haven't meant big mistakes.
To make a break from that monotony worthwhile - it was time to create some fun things, and try some experiments I'd been wanting to try with Mesh. 

The 'Perfect Disguise' (pictured above)
A quick, fun mesh experiment. There's something completely, utterly pointless about a disguise on top of a disguise that makes me smile. Already our avatars in Second Life create a layered disguise - and now you can add an extra layer that does nothing to hide you - but could be seen as a wry comment on the pointlessness of trying to hide who you really are on the internet. 
Strangely enough it's been a popular seller on the Marketplace.

 Wuv U Wabbit and Plushie Panda

Wabbits and Pandas
A couple of new creations for the Gift shop Custom Love. Wuv U Wabbit and  Plushie Panda both come in a range of options, are damn cute, and very low prim (Mesh). The intention is to extend this range into a lot of unusual shapes n themes - I can already see a cuddly giraffe in my mind's eye ;)

See them in their full range at Custom Love (click here for SLurl)
Or in my Marketplace shop> 


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