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GARDEN WORLD changes to Babylonia

GARDEN WORLD changes to Babylonia

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Garden World has changed! We've moved to Mainland, re-branded and joined space with some of my other brands.

As part of my longer term plans in Second Life we've combined several of the brands into one site on Mainland, and re-branding some under the name of Babylonia.

The Gardenerific group  will close and from now on we will use a scripted solution for News/Updates/Specials/Gifts.
This will let members free up another group slot - while retaining the same functionality (being able to send out gifts and news).
If at any time you want to be join or be removed from the group updates - just IM me: JubJub Forder, or there will also be a Subscribe/Unsubscribe sign in the new store.

If you haven't visited GARDEN WORLD in a while... too late - it's gone :/
But please come and look around our new site Babylonia - we've been working hard to make it look good, add new products, and change everything to the new brand.

Plus there's my other stores nearby, including House of FUN, Custom Love, Home Interiors and more.

Come and see the changes at Babylonia in Second Life

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