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The original Second Life World Map.
Second Lifes original world Map
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aaaaah Second Life :)

It's a big subject so I won't bore ya :)
If you do want to learn more about it, try the Second Life Wikipedia article, or the official Second Life website.

Below is more information about JubJubs personal Second Life. My brands, shops, and other projects...


Brands and Shops



From roaming Butterflies to rusty Buddhas, crashing surf and soothing Bamboo Wood Chimes - Babylonia is the spot for high quality plants, trees, and other land decorations.  With reasonable prices and good permissions these unique items are great quality, and I pride myself on great customer service. Got a question - please drop a note on me (JubJub Forder) and I'll get back to you asap.
Click here for Inworld Location>


MakersMart ( formerly Sculpts Only Mall )

Makersmart showcases SL's best Sculpt makers, Sculpties, Sculpty Packs, Sculpted prims and Builders Packs in one place. A huge Builders resource for sculpties and FULL PERMISSION builders packs.
Originally started by Jeffery Beckersted the Sculpts Only Mall was a small, fairly obscure mall I had placed a few packs in a whole 4 days before Jeffery offered the brand for sale.
I could see the potential and jumped at the chance, and with Jefferys support managed to convince all the renters to go to the trouble of moving with me.
Four years, and several expansions later, it's one of SL's busiest and best known Malls and a great resource for Second Life builders.
We're always looking for new exciting Builders pack makers, although some conditions apply - please drop a notecard on JubJub Forder inworld for applications for spots.
Click here for Inworld Location>



JubJubs Sculpties

One of the benefits of owning the Sculpts Only Mall - I get to pick a great spot :)
I sell a great variety of unusual and useful sculpt packs (and in some cases texture packs to match). From coffins to flowers, chair legs to severed heads - I pride myself on the quality of my sculpt packs. Heaps of original shapes and ideas - many of which have added to the beauty of SL - like my famous One Prim Plant shape - which in various shapes and variations would be found on most sims nowadays.

Click here for Inworld Location>




Relics has high quality antiquities for the discerning eye. Buddhas, Nefertitis Bust, Greek vases and planters, Moai Heads (Easter Island Statues), Olmec heads, Amphora and more. A small but growing collection.
If ancient artifacts are your thing - then Relics is the shop for you
Click here for Inworld Location>

Custom Love

Custom Love

Unique very high quality Valentines Day gifts and other themed lovers gifts. The best Roses in SL at great prices - available as singles, bunches, or in discounted packs.
Jewelry, poofers, frames for photos, romantic candles, cutesy teddy bears, special packaging and more. All Transferable so you can gift them easily. Great for Valentines day Gifts or anytime you want to show your lover, or friend, how much you care.
Click here for Inworld Location>



Prim Evil

One of my first Second Life brands and still one of my favourites. This is where I get to indulge my pseudo evil side ;)
Gothic statues, lights for ya castle, lotsa skull themed stuff, wearables like golden snake necklaces, mens boots, barbed wire necklaces and more.
Click here for Inworld Location>


Dead Center

Dead Center

Another favourite brand - a large and full cemetary with lots of items for theming your own cemetary out. Crypts, gravestones, graves, spooky trees, coffins with spooky effects, Halloween tricks n treats, spooky fog, and more.
A great themed area for spooky snapshots - it's even been used as backdrop for a couple of machinimas :D
Click here for Inworld Location>


Hells Forge

Hells Forge

Hells Forge is our specialty Armor, weapons, decor, and Spellfire shop. Spellfire weapons and armor, food and traps, and free Spellfire HUDs. Plus a number of decorative items such as sacks of grain, a Blacksmith set, and of course clothing, helmets, armor etc.
Click here for Inworld Location>

the Fae Race

the Fae Race

Unique and Cool items for Fairy Folk.
From butterfly wings to crystal moons, Fae furniture to glowing giant mushrooms, the Fae Race has a wide range of unusual and unique items for Fairies, Pixies, Sprites, Elves, Imps, Pucks, Nymphs and all manner of gentle gossamer beings ;)
Click here for Inworld Location>

Home Interiors

Home Interiors

A brand new shop built to showcase some of my finer furniture and indoor decor. It's only beginning so doesn't have many products, yet.
Click here for Inworld Location>




Scriptorium is a steampunk themed shop specialising in all sorts of fairly simple but useful scripts for builders. We have a bunch of freebies and most of the scripts are full perm which  means you can learn from them, or adjust them to your needs.
Click here for Inworld Location>


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