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Experiments with Second Life Mesh: 2

Experiments with Second Life Mesh: 2

Saturday, January 15, 2011

One of my recent experiments with Mesh (coming soon ish to Second Life). A little one piece black dress that conforms to the avatar. (video)

This is a simple black dress made in 3ds Max. It 'conforms' to the avatar through the use of skin weighting. I learnt a couple of wee tricks getting this right. 

1/ If your mesh is inside out when you upload it...change the Stitching Type to a sculptie one (ie; cylinder), then the Inside-out tickbox should become usable....tick it, then change the Stitching Type back to Mesh. Presto..it's now right side out.

2/ You can wear multiple Meshes at the same time and they don't need to be on the same attachment point. So an easy way to get the inside of a dress is to use a second copy of it - reversed, then worn. Instantly you have very close fitting inside layer that deforms the same as the outside layer :)

The music is a little jumping track called "Eazy E vs Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Gangstaz" by DJ Topcat

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